Louis Panigrosso, JD

Louis Panigrosso, JD


Phone: (607) 729-0570

Prior to beginning his financial services career, Lou was an attorney providing counsel to banking, mortgage and investment institutions.

Initially Ron and George sought Lou’s legal counsel to assist them in navigating the recent changes to 403(b) regulations (tax sheltered annuities for not for profit organizations).  Lou quickly realized an opportunity for Confidential Brokerage Services to expand its 403(b) business while pursuing other segments of financial services and left his law practice to assist CBS with this expansion.   Currently Lou’s financial services practice focuses on 403(b); 401(k); SIMPLE IRA; and retirement planning for individuals.

Lou is a graduate of Wake Forest University where he received a performing arts scholarship in music.  He obtained his law degree from Pace University School of Law.  He has played drums for some of the finest musicians up and down the East Coast and still performs on occasion with local groups.