Louis Panigrosso, JD

Louis Panigrosso, JD


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Louis R. Panigrosso, JD


Prior to beginning his career in Financial Services, Lou was an attorney providing legal counsel to business sectors including Finance and Mortgage Banking.  In 2007, Confidential Brokerage Services hired him to provide legal counsel for some pending matters including regulatory compliance and business succession.  After the company's legal matters were addressed, Lou realized an opportunity existed.  He voluntarily gave up his law practice and joined Confidential Brokerage Services as a registered representative.  Lou has been the company's owner since 2018.


A career in Financial Services was always Lou's goal and he pursued a law degree to help facilitate that goal.  The study of law directly translates to Financial Services as both disciplines require and further sharpen proficiency in research.  Further, understanding how the law affects investment and insurance matters, including wealth transfer, is also invaluable.  Says Lou:


"I thought I was going straight to Wall Street after law school.  Unfortunately for me, I graduated right after the tech bubble burst and the big firm offer I received was rescinded.  I initially had no intention of practicing law, but I had significant student loans to repay and immediate employment was necessary.  Thankfully I was hired by a very reputable law firm and the experience I received has provided me with practical experience I can pass onto my clients.  My personal experience with financing my education has also given me a perspective that my clients appreciate.  The time I spent practicing law was time well spent for both me and my clients".


Lou provides Financial Services and Life Insurance solutions to businesses and individuals.  He received his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and his law degree from Pace University School of Law.  His undergraduate degree was funded via a performing arts scholarship in music and his law school student loans are close to being paid off (Finally...).  In his spare time he plays the drums and is an avid and sometimes half-way decent golfer.