About Us

The story of Confidential Brokerage Services dates back to 1980.  That year R. Ronald Panigrosso and George R. Haskins, the company’s founders, began their partnership.  Both had recently entered financial services from other careers.  Ron previously taught high school biology and George was a banker. 


Ron was recruited into financial services by a local firm who was attempting to sell him and his teaching colleagues a 403(b) plan.  George had recently entered financial services and the two fledgling financial planners realized a shared philosophy toward investing.  The two decided to partner up and founded their own financial services firm which initially focused almost exclusively on the 403(b) sector, retirement plans for not for profit entities including school districts and hospitals.


Over the years, Ron and George expanded their focus, and their assets under management grew exponentially.  In 2007, Ron’s son, Louis R. Panigrosso, left his law practice to join Confidential Brokerage Services; Lou continues to guide the company in the management of its clients’ investments and its increasing sphere of influence.  In addition to its core focus of 403(b) services, the company now offers 401(k) plans and diverse planning for individuals and businesses. 


Prior to their respective retirements in the mid 2010’s, Ron and George built Confidential Brokerage Services into a full services firm that provides financial advice and insurance products that remain truly independent.  The firm has not only competed, but thrived in crowded market places.  Lou continues the commitment to service for Confidential Brokerage Services’ clients as taught to him by his mentors Ron and George.